Were You Ever Banned on VMK?

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    Nope, I was a good child :) :dancing:
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    I got banned lots of times.. rofl
    Sometimes the reasons were so stupid :/
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    MrBrandon was banned for a month for saying "runescape.." and that's when I made SpiritedAwayy, but then SpiritedAwayy got banned for a week so I switched my main back to MrBrandon, where I was much wealthier anyway.
    VMKMagic Refugee
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    I was never banned on VMK. I feel like a goodie-two-shoes, rofl.
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    Nope, I was never banned on VMK. HEH HEH HEH...

    -LantiX G.U.
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    I believe I was banned once or twice. But it my defense, it probably wasn't my fault... the first time :sneaky:
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    I've been banned before, but not for very long. I don't remember the cause of the ban. =\
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    Plenty of times...:afro:
    this sums up shashshee's life \/\/\/\/
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    nope o: i only played for a year tho. i don't think i would have gotten banned, i was good. xD
    ~was iceyyxgirl on vmkm~
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    Yep, got a 10 year ban. :chuckle:
    Went from Adventuredomi to Astrodomi. Man, I was so original.
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    I was banned once for talking about another website, and another time for saying something to my close friend about my state via private message, lol.
    Shoobly doobly doo...
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    i got banned a total of 3 times lol 2 were a month long. The other was only 2 days. I don't remember the exact reasons though since its been awhile since vmk was around..
    VMK'er from 2005 - 2008

    I was lem-mon-ade

    VMKMAGIC member since 1/11/07

    I was xBox360isme

    DisneyMMO member since 1/28/12
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    i was banned almost every other week i'd say..
    i enjoy[ed] getting banned :)

    except the last time i was banned was for 2 years. so i couldnt see my character when it ended.
    but i was on my sister's account haha.
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    I was banned a few times, maybe 5? The most one lasted was like a month.
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    I didn't get any bans.