Do you think that VMK should come back?

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    I think Disney Infinity was derived partially from VMK. Allow, it really was mostly derived from a game of Blizzard's game "Skylanders" it's really really similar. It has a lot of core similarities with VMK, even if it's multi-platformed and different themed. However, those in power that were around when VMK was still open are slim to none now. So, it's unlikely that unless somebody "re-creates" the idea without thinking of VMK, I doubt we'll see it a more similar remake than Disney Infinity.
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    Barbossa wrote:What I don't understand about this entire situation is the fact that Disney's online games, with the exception of Club Penguin and maybe Toontown, really haven't been THAT successful. I understand that Disney explored pay-to-play options for VMK and it didn't fit what they were looking for, but one would think that they would do whatever they could to produce a game similar to VMK that could make them money. Isn't that the point for them--increasing revenue and marketing for the parks? I'm just confused as to why Disney is seemingly completely against coming up with a product like VMK that is almost guaranteed to make them money. I wish it would come back, or something similar...whether it be online or multi-platform (like the plans for Disney Infinity).

    First, I'm going to be a bit picky. Club Penguin was successful, but not under Disney. Disney bought the game with $350 million to be paid out if Club Pengiun hit certain figures, and it missed them. Either expectations were extremely high or Club Penguin went downhill financially sometime around the buyout.

    Anyway, I'm still a firm believer that VMK closed because it was too broad. Anything Disney could have been incorporated into it. Great for me, but not good for Disney, whose plan was to churn out all kinds of MMOs, apparently hoping that players would subscribe to multiple games instead of playing VMK alone. Of course, that plan completely tanked, as Disney opened up only two MMOs in the last five years, and one of those shut down anyway. Plans have evidently changed to focus on social and mobile games. Not a terrible decision, because I can't think of any successful MMOs launched recently -- it's not a terribly easy market to get into, and Disney's history is evidence of that.

    Disney Infinity is a good sign, though. Disney is not afraid to launch a game with all of their brands in one box. Its similarites to VMK are limited (a broad collection of franchises and a creative mode are about it), but who knows where they will turn in the future. Disney Infinity shows that Disney no longer fears game cannibalization as they did 5 years ago. With Disney Interactive preparing to turn a profit for the first time in something like 15 years, they'll have the resources to make something huge, and maybe that something will be a Disney parks game.
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    I believe Disney is planning to shut down Toontown Online and Pirates of the Caribbean Online too. Including the park area of Toontown at Tokyo Disney and Disneyland. Possibly Pixie Hollow too. Club Penguin will continue to operate for like 5-10 years, wouldn't want the 300 million dollars to go to waste.
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    I would say yes, but with a caveat...VMK was wonderful in its way, but it had potential to be so much more and it never quite lived up to it. Ultimately, the main "game" was just a series of glorified chatrooms, some of them connecting to mini-games. I think it was hindered by the fact that it was designed primarily for children, when it was actually most popular with teens and older. Changes I would make to a revived VMK:

    1. Make it a proper MMORPG, with real quests and adventures, not just jumped-up scavenger hunts.
    2. Have it matter what items you collect. Specialized costumes, pins, etc. should give your character advantages in the game instead of just being decorative or for bragging rights.
    3. Make it harder to get extra guest rooms. This may sound odd coming from someone whose favorite aspect of the game was the room decorating, but I think it would add oomph to the concept if the room you started out with were your "base of operations" and the one you chose limited the options for your character's powers, etc. Maybe they could make it so you chose a themed land as the basis for your character, and you were limited to rooms based on that land, both at the outset and in the future. Of course, for this to work there would have to be more rooms to choose from at character creation.
    4. Conversely, maker it easier to get items to put in the rooms. Don't arbitrarily make some colors of a certain item cost more than others or force people to visit the parks in order to get some items...unless, as with #2, the special items give you in-game advantages.
    5. More opportunities to earn credits. Seriously. And call them Disney Dollars, for crying out loud.

    I could probably come up with more, but I'm almost off to work!
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    ABSOLUTELY..... I would pay to play it again. VMK was the best. So many memories. <3
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    i liked vmk but i am over it now and it would not be the same if they returned it.