Do you think that VMK should come back?

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    Yes, Yes, and YES
    I had such good times on VMK and that was literally the best game around and still is! It was so interactive with the parks too!
    I've said this multiple times, I WILL PAY TO PLAY!
    Sure, it will most likely change because its 2012 now but kids will want to go to the parks to get the perks and they can cash in!
    All of the other Disney online games just fail compared to VMK.
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    yes it should.
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    I'd love it to come back, as in my opinion it was the best website of it's kind. But, if it was to re-open then it would have to undergo a lot of changes and people would probably like to make money out of it, losing it's magic. I think that the majority of the users have now grown up, as I was ten when I first started playing it and had a lot of free time on my hands. I'm now sixteen so I wouldn't have enough time to play as much as I did, and I doubt the ten year olds of today would be impressed like we were. Still, It'd be great if it reopened and I wouldn't mind paying a little bit to play it.
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    Yes I do!! I loved that game I still remember in the summer I was on from the minute it opened to the second it closed!! most days I spent the entire time on it, other days I was on and off.. VMK was my life!!
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    I would so want VMK back!!

    I think it was amazing of Disney to have an online social game/community based off of their parks. I cherish going to Disneyland each and every time I'm there, and when I first heard about VMK during the 50th Anniversary, I was so excited because I'd be able to be in Disneyland right in the comfort of my home. Not only that, I'd get to share the experience with my friends too! VMK was just so amazing, and a really awesome social platform for Disney. I would definitely pay something like $5 a month to play VMK again if it ever came to that, heck I loved it so much I may even pay more. I'd just love to have it back!

    I know it's something that's probably been tried and that has failed many times in the past, but I think if enough people are still nostalgic about it, I think another petition couldn't hurt? Just a thought.

    Anything that's attempted by the community to bring VMK back has my support!
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    I think it should definitely come back. I am autistic and VMK really helped me make friends.
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    i guess.
    it was the only online game i ever really got into.
    i never really liked toontown or club penguin or whatevs else because you had to pay moneyss to actually get cool stuff.
    so yah
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    I LOVE how VMK closed over 4 years ago and yet it still the most active topic on this forum! Same with all the still attempts to re-make VMK just shows how special this game was. I wish Yavn was reading this.
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    Definitely! It's a real wholesome game. They just need to update their graphics and they would be good to go. ;)
    Of course that won't happen...
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    It should definitely come back. It amazes me how the majority of people that say no, say it based on out dated graphics, or their friends all stopped playing.

    VMK was designed for the kid at heart in all of us. It wasnt about the graphics. It was about creating a magical enjoyable social network for those of us with a love for Disney and the parks in our own homes.

    And so what if you're friends stopped playing, that doesn't mean you have to. I play many games that my friends stopped playing, why, because I enjoy playing them.

    It's the old saying, if your friends jump off a bridge will you? no, why, because you have your own mind. You have your own mind when it comes to games. If you liked playing VMK and stopped because your friends did, well thats kind of depressing. Be your own person and do what you like.

    As for age limits, I know many parents that played VMK with their kids...and even without. Why, again, it was something simple and enjoyable that created the Disney Magic we all truly love.

    If it comes back and they want to change it, let them. If they leave it as it is, even better. But what would be great is if they bring it back I welcome change, the parks are so much bigger now. Bring us a VMK California Adventure, give us VMK EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and VMK Disney Studios. Give us rooms based on hotels. I am all for making it even bigger, and I am fine paying to play. Why, because of my love for Disney, for the magic i felt each day I played, for the people that shared the same joy I did when we played.

    These are the messages Disney brass should be paying attention to, these are the voices and hearts that make or break their success. We all pay thousands of dollars to travel to the parks for a few days of magic, $5-15 a month to enjoy that same sense of magic at home each day...not that much if you ask me.
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    I never got to play!!! :ehissyfit: NOOO! Once I read about it in Kingdom Keepers I've wanted to play it ever since!!!
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    Im thinking about writing a letter based on Somme of the information you guys have given me. It has helped a lot knowing that there are people who still care about it. Maybe it shouldn't target just 12-14 year olds. I should range from 11-18 only cause im 17 and i haven't been on BMW since i was 12 cause i was grounded from the computer for 2 two years and it had shut done during that time.
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    What I don't understand about this entire situation is the fact that Disney's online games, with the exception of Club Penguin and maybe Toontown, really haven't been THAT successful. I understand that Disney explored pay-to-play options for VMK and it didn't fit what they were looking for, but one would think that they would do whatever they could to produce a game similar to VMK that could make them money. Isn't that the point for them--increasing revenue and marketing for the parks? I'm just confused as to why Disney is seemingly completely against coming up with a product like VMK that is almost guaranteed to make them money. I wish it would come back, or something similar...whether it be online or multi-platform (like the plans for Disney Infinity).
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