Only certain buttons work?

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    I was a huge fan of the original VMK. Played probably everyday as a kid. I found out about VMK Revisited a few months ago, but then had trouble clicking the buttons to customize an avatar, and do things on the main map. Some buttons will press, others will not (none of the customization buttons except username stuff and the gender option). I've tried both firefox and chrome (no IE on my computer) and I'm having the same problems. I thought maybe it was just some bugs and it would update in a while, but now months later it's still happening for me. Any tips on how to fix this? I'm pretty sure I've uninstalled and re-installed my flash player when I first played it (obviously it's up and running).
    I really want to play again after all these years and actually do things. All advice is appreciated!
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    Hey there!

    VMKRevisited was a project started by a former staff member of (our old site), GPDOT. However, GPDOT stopped working on it and thus no further work has been done on the project. However, it should be noticed that VMKRevisited was never going to be a fully functional game. It is only meant to relive some of the memories of VMK and we cannot recreate to be a fully functional online game.

    Hope this clarifies some things for you!
    DisneyMMO Administrator