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    I made an account here again (I used to be Posh on here, but I forgot the PW) so that I could express how much I truly miss VMK. I've read through the board, however these posts about it are becoming less and less and more time between them. This may sound a little far fetched but I think about VMK a lot. I had a lot of friends, great times, and great memories. But those aren't enough to satisfy my heart. I know Disney has made it quite clear that it's never coming back, but I honestly think if someone 'important' said something, maybe they would reconsider. I've tried practically every online game there is to see if it would fill the void VMK left when they closed it but nothing has. I understand it was a short lived thing, and already lived longer than expected, however, I don't know how Disney can be so heartless as to just up and cut off every single person on there to the friendships they've made. Sure, we've found some of our friends on this very forum, but not all of them. I would PAY to play at this point, and even though they've considered that, and haven't gone through with it, I think it's lame. Sure, Disney is a business, they want to make their money. I get that. However, I'm pretty sure one little game was not going to ruin their profits. Of course, they updated it and what not but honestly I think we can all agree, if they brought it back, just leave it the way it was. I probably don't make sense, I know there's probably more that goes into a game like this, but I know you understand where I'm coming from. I'm 17 now, and it may seem childish, but I just want to play VMK again. I want to be able to dance in a line on Main Street, and have random conversations and make new friends. Or play cute or boot, or falling chairs. I want VMK back. It was my way of being able to forget about drama in my life, or stress. And even though I was horrible at that Pirates of the Caribbean game, I'd give anything to play it again.
    I remember when they closed it down. Everyone said goodbye. We literally danced on Main Street waiting for it to end and hoping it wouldn't. Thinking about it makes me want to cry haha. And though it was just a game, I'll never get over that. There were real people and real feelings involved in it. I just wish it didn't have to go. Disney should've realized how much we all loved it and still love it to this day. I know people here understand EXACTLY how I feel.
    When I found out about that VMK revisited site, I almost broke down with joy. I thought maybe someone had taken it and remade it somehow and I was so excited. When I read what it was about I realized it was just a memorial thing for it, and I was heart broken. I tried desperately to get ahold of whoever made it to find out if it was ever going to be a real game. I saw that it wasn't and just felt depressed.
    Maybe I'm just over reacting. Maybe I shouldn't be so upset about it. But I am. Those were some of the best times I've had. I don't think I've ever laughed so much or had such a great time on any other game. I used to get up before it opened just to play it until it closed at night. I don't know.. I just miss it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my banter about this. Even though they've said its closed forever, I'm staying hopeful. Maybe one day one of us will become some sort of celebrity and pay them to open it again. Haha.

    <3 Swann
    I hope she'll be a fool. That's the best thing a girl can be in this world-- A beautiful little fool.

    ~Daisy Buchanan

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    I don't think you are over reacting or being silly at all. I feel there are a ton of us who feel exactly as you do. I am now 38 and I still think of VMK quite often and visit Revisited a lot and try and check this forum as often as I can.
    VMK wasn't just a game. It was a culture in itself. As with anything Disney creates, it was filled with that "Disney Magic" that draws us all in. It built memories and created friendships and did EXACTLY what Walt intended all of his creations to do, bring people together.
    Though it was intended as an anniversary celebration game only, its power far exceeded what I believe the Imagineers behind it ever intended.
    I think, that is why it actually lasted as long as it did, past its original dead line.
    I think there were actually a lot of cast members doing the best they could to keep it alive for as long as possible. Because I feel that there were just as many MODs and people behind the scenes that felt VMKs magic as well.
    People of all ages were playing this game. From kids the age of 4 - 16 to the kids age 32 - 78 and everyone in between. School students, toddlers, Moms and Dads, Grandparents. Businessmen and school teachers. VMK brought people from all over the world together in a common, fun and safe online environment. It allowed us all to be at the parks when we couldnt be there in person.
    We celebrated holidays and birthdays and graduations. We celebrated new Disney movie releases and television show premieres. We believed in the power of Pixie dust and wishing on stars.
    We got lost trying to get out of Tom Sawyers Island and counted 100 Mickeys over and over again so that we could get buried in treasure and turn into a bat.
    We went on scavenger hunts to find the next coolest piece of furniture for our rooms and the next pin we could wear proudly.
    And those of us that could, raced around the real Magic Kingdoms to earn some very rare additions that made us stand out.
    No, I dont think you are being silly. I think you, like all of us (some who may feel just as silly admitting it) captured that Disney magic and still hold on to it to this day.
    The sad part is, in the end, the people in charge were not always thinking of the audience but their paychecks. Mike Eisner made many bad decisions before the board finally ousted him. VMKs end fell under his watch. He could have authorized the servers and OS to be updated, he chose not to, as did those under him. They moved in a new direction and that unfortunately did not pan out, as almost all their new games have now also been closed.
    Maybe one day, someone will take over and will come across this forum, read what has been written and go into the vault to dust off and look at just what all this fuss was about. And maybe, just maybe after they play it a few moments themselves, they will feel that same magic we all did and order its resurrection for us all.
    But if that day does not come, we have this site, we have Revisited to at least see and hear the sounds (and they bring tears to my eyes often) and we have all of us to help keep VMK alive in our hearts and to always help REMEMBER THE MAGIC!
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    I totally agree with you. VMK was my favorite game to play. It never got boring, and I made so many amazing friends on there. I would pay to play as well. It's sad that now they're even closing POTC online and Toontown since I played those games too. I wish I knew someone in Disney to get it open again. >.<
    ~was iceyyxgirl on vmkm~
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    I agree.... VMK was sooo much more than a game. I miss it so much and I'm a senior in high school.
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    Please come join ovmk! I missed the heck out of vmk but there is now a fan server :) I'm Kiki on the game as well! See ya soon!
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    I as well miss vmk there is now a site in beta stages that is a fan made vmk :D openvmk.com
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    I had some great memories too I wish it never ended hah
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    Try not to spaz when you see this...
    You guys will be satisfied..
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