Should we start a petition for the return of VMK?

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    I'm just curious because one year at school they were making us wear out i.d.s all the time while we were on campus and one kid started a petition to end that and another after sending in the petition we were required to carry our i.d.s on us at all times. It was very effective. I was thinking that maybe if we started a petition in our home town and sent it to Disney, maybe...just maybe they might reconsider their decision and reopen a game that the whole family really enjoyed. All i want to know is who would side with me and get a petition started
    In your own town.
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    I believe this was tried (?) and would require, at the very least, a few hundred thousand signatures (due to how big DIMG is) - but go for it!
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    Petitions and protests related to the closure of VMK have been done numerous times in the past. While I'd like to think this would be effective, I think Disney has made it quite clear that they have no current plans to re-open VMK or anything similar to it, unfortunately.
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    my honest thought is that no petition will bring VMK back. there is no way to force disney to spend money to bring a game back, really. it doesn't matter to them at all. there is no law saying, "oh yeah if you get ___ amount of signatures you have to bring back a game that you spent thousands on and got no money for in return"
    and even if it were to work out, the software would be outdated and we'd have to wait another 5 years to play it because they'd have to write all new codes/graphics.
    i don't know about you, but i don't plan on playing VMK when i'm 21.

    don't get me wrong, i would love to play VMK again, it's just unlikely.
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    Petitions are usually for general law/rules or something "political" in a sense for an organization.
    It isn't exactly likely that a petition could make a company open up something which would cost them and require many customers to pay for.
    You would need enough signatures for them to decide it would be profitable to recreate.
    That's a lot more than current people who would say they would like to play it.
    Shoobly doobly doo...
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    I agree with you all. My birthday was two days after it closed.
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    New year - why not? We've waited long enough k and ugh, they could really make so much money off of us with apps and stuff...
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    A friend of mine is using the name "Save VMK" on League of Legends... hopefully he'll get to top rank... probably wishful thinking though.
    I am the Phineas to your Ferb :P

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    I would totally support you in this. I loved VMK. I would have easily paid for it. I just wish that if they aren't going to open the game back up they would at least release VMK's rights so another company can open it up.
    But that would not be something disney would do.
    Every thing is money anymore.
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    As someone that was a HUGE fan and supporter of VMK and who has been an even bigger Disney fan in general, Disney has made it clear that unfortunately VMK is not the direction they wish to persue. And sadly petitions just will not bring it back.

    If it was to relaunch, many would complain about the software (though to me that is exactly what made VMK VMK) its look and feel. However, even though there is a huge support base, we all know many would soon be screaming for updates and that just would be too time consuming and a financial set back.

    The fact that we were all allowed to play VMK for as long as we did was an event in itself. VMK was originally only meant to be a marketing tool for the Anniversary of Disneyland. It was extended due to the popularity it brought and that it tied into the anniversaries in Walt Disney World as well.

    Had upper management put more resources into VMK from the start, perhaps we would still be playing it now, along with iPad, iPhone, and Android apps to go along with it.

    Sadly, during the end of the Micheal Eisner era, they decided to not update the OS and allowed it to become outdated, knowing it would be costly to convert everything over to a new format. They looked at other online properties and it was decided that VMK would be phased out when it was.

    We all have our memories, our favorite rooms, our favorite pins and more. And as long as we continue to come here and share those memories with each other, VMK will never be truly gone. It lives in all our hearts. And that is what Walt Disney always wanted, to make memories that last forever.

    I am 38 years young, and I am and always will be a VMK fan. And i will continue to share that love with all here and when I visit VMK Revisited and walk amongst the ghosts of the past in there.
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    You know, it can't hurt to try. But we'd need a TON of signatures. A few thousand wouldn't cut it.