The Who-Were-You Thread

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    I was Imallaboutgames. Is Tport out there? Tport, if you see this, send me a message!! :D
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    I was Vampire_Eagle. I wish I had known they were closing down sooner. I miss it a lot. Especially the people on there.
    ~Don't be sad, be random; Don't hate, appreciate; Don't be mad, be glad.~
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    I was glowcookie.
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    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I will try to update this thread on Sunday or something.
    this sums up shashshee's life \/\/\/\/
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    I was Tori-Angel :)

    If you knew me, HMU! I wanna talk to the people I used to know!
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    As people used to say "It's two c's not one!"
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    I was: GreenPulse, Behometh, and WhatYouKnow in VMK

    But i'm mostly original still, but mostly played on GreenPulse.

    I think I played a little too much xD

    Oh well, it was fun & I miss it.

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    On VMK, I was Yatsing & LinkinParkSing. Good idea for a thread! ^_^
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    I was known as CooAyegirl.

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    I had 2 main VMK Characters:

    1.) *totally gives out personal information, but I was too stupid at the time to realize.. but.) HBalkan
    2.) AceSparkleGirl, Baby <3

    I went to AceSparkleGirl after poor HBalkan got banned for life..
    I forget why, but I remember it was for a stupid reason,
    and I was devastated.. xD
    I am not who I used to be, instead I am a Full Grown Weeb.
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    I was 'stateboarddudefan'.

    You see how it says 'state' and not skate. By accident, I must had clicked T, instead of k. :ehillarious:
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    On VMK: unicorn
    I had many clones but that was my main.
    Please click the eggs!
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    I was sweetbutterfly.
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    I was miketic.
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    I was odisneygoer and for the last few weeks or so, RichAquaFarmer.