The Who-Were-You Thread

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    I literally just made this account to answer this thread. Fortunately no one took my VMK name which also happens to be my username on here haha.

    VMK Name: Magica

    :} I really do miss VMK and the friends I made there, we all had a great love for Disney and we all had a wonderful time together talking about Disney and collecting "rare" items. I can't believe it's 5 years later and we're all so much older. VMK was a fantastic part of my early teen years :)
    "If you can dream it you can do it"
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    I was Hankthedog for most of my time. Only toon i remember . ID GIVE AN ARM AND LEG TO GET VMK BACK.
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    Nice to see people posting to this thread; "welcome" to DisneyMMO newcomers!

    The forums are in a bit of a pre-launch phase at the moment, so there isn't much discussion. Do check us out over at though. This is our chat room, and it's where you'll find most people hanging out. It is especially active during evening hours.
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    on VMK I was:

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    megara wrote:
    animehyperfreak wrote:I was ChoPotter, InuYasha_Fan and AnimeHyperFreak (Vmk made me change my name a lot) I miss everyone...hopefully they still remember me. I remember them <3

    AH, JK! I most definitely remember you! :P

    I was MonkeyRulz :)

    ;A; Megan! *Cling* How I've missed you. 
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    i was CrazieRyan  Shocker huh?
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    I just wanted to say how I truly miss VMK. It was nothing but pure unadulterated fun and did pretty good with there security measures. It would be nice if they brought it back. I was miimagination and missed joining the grand opening by about a month. I read about its opening several months prior to its opening. thanks for reading and hope to read the strings.
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    Hi (:
    It was so awesome to "revisit" vmk, just seeing the rooms and hearing the music brings back so many memories. So much has happened since vmk closed, and we've all gotten so much older, but vmk will always hold a special place in our hearts. I'm glad to see some posts on this forum from some people I remember from the game, although my memory is terrible, so I don't remember too many. And of course my vmk name was Gish. (:
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    I remember having a VMK account for a very short time. As I only manged to create one a few months before it closed for good. Sadly I do not remember my username anymore :/
    But I do remember the feeling of wonder, and excitement each time I logged in, and I get those same feelings whenever I go on VMKRevisited. :)