Light in the Darkness

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    Note: This is a short I wrote to help inspire me to write my novel. The characters and writing belongs to me and will be found in my novel when it is finished.

    The word lingered in the back of her mind. If.

    Virginia rolled on her side, clutching her pillow. She glanced up. The soft glow of 3:37AM echoed back in white digits on her ceiling,  projecting from the clock beside her bed. She groaned, pulling a blanket over her head. It was hopeless. At this rate, sleep was impossible.

    Slipping her hand from under the covers, Virginia pulled her phone from her nightstand. It glowed, bright and infuriating, under the thick yellow fabric. The time stared back at her. No new messages.

    “*** it, Glen!” She cried, tossing her phone out of her makeshift hideaway and onto the floor. “You can at least answer a text.”

    She waited, hopeful, that by some miracle her phone would ring. Unfortunately, miracles did not seem to find her tonight. Virginia sighed, sitting up. The covers bunched at her waist, suddenly chilled by the autumn weather.

    “I should close that.” She mumbled tiredly, turning her attention to the window across the room. She stood, her nightgown swaying around her ankles as she made her way to the window. However, as she gripped the ledge, she stopped.

    I closed that before bed. Virginia thought with a sudden realization. Heart hammering in her ears, the redhead whirled around, grabbing the nearest thing- which happened to be a flat iron- she could for protection. An eye peeked up from the corner of her room; his body curled up in a compact ball on her beanbag chair. He stood up cautiously, and Virginia relaxed.

    “Glen!” She gasped, dropping her flat iron.

    The awkward boy stood, his pale, lanky form visible only by the reflections of her electronics. His battered eye shifted between her and the floor, unsure of which to focus on. As Virginia made her way to him, she began to notice fresh wounds gashed in his arms and torso. His shirt was ripped in several patches, and bruises lined his ribcage and his swollen face.

    “I’m sorry.” he sputtered too quickly. “My dad-- Your window was unlocked and-and--”

    “Are you okay?” She hesitantly touched a bruise on the side of his face. Glen winced. “Oh by Evonry. You’re bleeding!”

    “I’m fine! Don’t touch them.” The blonde boy shied away. Virginia stepped closer.

    “We need to get you bandaged- or to a hospital! You’re dripping blood all down your sides and-”

    “No.” Glen shook his head, his visible eye wide with panic. “Don’t. I-I just… I can’t go home. Let me stay for the night. Please.”

    “But Glen-” Virginia bit her quivering lip. She hadn’t noticed how badly she was shaking, but once Glen put his hands on her shoulders she was quite aware.

    “Please. I can’t go home. Not now. Not with him--” His voice cracked. Glen took a shaky breath, his own body trembling with fear. “One night. Please. I have nowhere else to go.”

    Virginia nodded. Tears brimmed at her brown eyes, spilling over her freckled face. “Of course.” She managed between choked tears. “Of course you can stay. But please- please let me take care of your wounds.”

    Glen nodded. There wasn’t much else to say. Only fifteen years old, and he had already seen the true darkness of life. But, watching as Virginia fretted about her room for disinfectant sprays and bandages, perhaps he’d seen true light as well.
    "Do you hear the people sing?"
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    I really like the style of writing there! Nicely done :)