Poems are on my mind.

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    None have titles.

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    When you become a famous poet or lyricist for Disney...don't forget us :ehappycrying:.
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    Let's tell a little story,
    One so tragic and true,
    Let's write a little poem,
    One, two, maybe a few,
    Of the little soul untold,
    Of the little heart turned cold.

    Now once upon a time,
    (To appeal, let's make this rhyme),
    You knew a young soul,
    Mind bright and heart whole,
    Whose spirits could not crumble
    So easily through any stumble.

    And the days passed by
    With every kind of sky,
    Sunshine fighting to tear
    Right through clouds in the air,
    But the weather remained dreary.
    Suddenly every day stood weary.

    Now keep up with the writing,
    This soul remains fighting,
    But the little heart will often ache.
    And I plead, let my life not shake.
    Fill my days with smiles and laughter,
    to bring life like a happily ever after.

    Now that you've heard the tale,
    One tragic, yet very true,
    Let's put away the poem,
    The one, two, maybe a few.
    This little soul fought for and won joy,
    This little heart has told its story.