Dreams Village
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What is Dreams Village?
Dreams Village is a communal place with a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy! With four different districts to choose from, members of MyVMK can take a stroll down the boardwalk, fight at the shooting range, attend a royal ball, or live in the future! It's a place for people to come together as a community and work together, make friends, but most importantly have fun.

What are the four districts of Dream Village?
Future World - Hit up to 88MPH and travel forward into the future! Future World is a bright, futuristic city where Space is cool and tomorrow is right around the corner. Chill with friends at the Astro Mall, spend a night in the ever so grand Starlight Hotel, or get cozy and watch the sky among Meteor Shower Cliff. In Future World, the future is up to you!
Gold Front - Grab your horses and guns and take a ride to the wildest town in the wilderness! Only a short train ride away, Gold Front is known for its Devil's Mines and jolly cowboys among the Calhall Saloon. Watch out at the shooting range, though- them bullets are fast!
Dream Gardens - Through the clouds and over the rainbow, all your dreams can come true at Dream Gardens. Attend a royal ball held by the Disney Princesses, shop for a new look at Hatter's Hat Shop, and have fun at the Fairytale Faire! Whether you're an elf in a cottage or a troll under a bridge, there is plenty to explore in the kingdom of Dream Gardens.
Brier Falls - Just float on down the Patriot River on a steamboat or a raft and you'll find yourselves in the pastime of Brier Falls. Take a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk, join the clowns at the traveling Cirque, and go camping out by Gator Swamp. Be careful of that brier patch, though! And watch out for that island in the distance. Local legend says a tribe of tikis live there, and they fight pirates daily! Is it true? Only you can find out in Brier Falls!

How can I help?
As we want to keep Dreams Village accommodating to our guests and be able to push out new adventures and entertainment as fast as possible, it requires some help. Helpers- or Communal Outreachers- are individuals who have created some parts of the village- an amusement park, a shop, a cafe, ect. Communal Outreachers have some benefits to helping the village of course- they get to choose first basis where they live in any district of their choice when the district is complete, as well as be recognized in the hub photo album (when it is released) for their help. To be a Communal Outreacher, there is a form below to fill out. Please keep in mind that if you choose to live in a district that is not currently being developed, it might take some time before your house can be added.

Can I still live here if I don't help?
Absolutely! However, Communal Outreachers have a first-serve basis, and the leftover street spots we have will be up for grabs. An application will be put up after that district is released for the leftover spots, and those interested may fill them out. If the spots are filled after your application has been put in and you didn't get a spot, there's no need to worry. More streets will be added, although not all at once. You will just need to wait a little bit longer.

How do I live here?
After your residential or Communal Outreach application has been approved, there are two ways to go about this:
For Houses: Streets for houses will be set up differently than those for apartments. I will provide a small area for you to decorate your "yard"/house preview. You will provide me with the items you want to have, I'll make them movable so you may decorate, and then I'll have them locked so other guests won't move them (And if you ever want to change your yard, feel free to PM me and I'll have you come in and do whatever you'd like). Then I'll provide you with a ride teleporter to the front of your house. Your house is your own guest rooms and you may make it however you'd like.
For Apartments: Apartments are set up differently than houses. Apartments will not have a yard for you to decorate and will instead be admits a long line of other teleporters in a "hall" of an apartment building. I will provide you with your teleporter. Your apartment is your own guest room decorated however you please. It is recommended your apartment be no bigger than two guest rooms.

Communal Outreach Applications
Please keep in mind we are only accepting applications for Future World and Brier Falls at this time.
Forum Name:
In-Game Username:
Check the district you want to help:
[ ] Future World
[ ] Gold Front
[ ] Dream Gardens
[ ] Brier Falls
What you want to contribute:
[ ] Shop (Specify Here)
[ ] Restaurant[ ] Cafe
[ ] Other (Specify Here)
Name of Contribution:
Picture of Contribution Guest Room:
Brief Description of Contribution:
What District you would like to live in:
[ ] Future World (Underline Apartment or House)
[ ] Gold Front
[ ] Dream Gardens
[ ] Brier Falls

Residential Applications
Sorry, we are not currently accepting residents at this time.

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