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    You guys should have waited. If it was still VMKMagic everyone would be flocking to VMKMagic.

    You guys should make a section for the new VMK because that's what everyone on the original forums will post on this forums for.

    ToonTown closed.

    ClubPenguin members are too young to know what a forums is.

    Pirates.........Who knows what that is?

    Pixie Hollow...... same thing.
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    As you have stated, all but one of the MMORPGs have closed from Disney. That being said, we have no further plans on developing and expanding upon DisneyMMO. Also, the remake of VMK is not official (not made by Disney) and therefore we do not plan on creating any forums for its discussion.
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    Hey Exodus,

    Truth by told, VMKMagic had runs it course.  As much as I support the idea of a VMK remake, I often question the intentions of MyVMK, and as such would be nervous about putting VMKMagic's weight behind it.  I'd prefer they open source their development efforts and focus on fostering a community of VMK remake developers rather than run an MMO.  The very foundation of the internet and our modern-day techno culture owes its ubiquity to the open source heroes of old.  I believe the future of VMK remakes depends on open source as well.  But, I digress - the details of such an opinion should be reserved for a related topic.

    Rather or not VMKMagic would be getting any serious amount of attention right now: I'm not sure.  You might be right, but regardless, it was the VMK of old that captured my imagination and drove my passion.  I'd rather the site have lived a glorious majority of a decade rather than continue to cling to life at the whims of a development community.  Other communities have popped up in VMKMagic's place to support MyVMK and other remakes, and I wish them the best of luck.  If there experience is at all similar to mine, they'll be needing it ;).

    As for DisneyMMO, it's a bit of an unfortunate set of circumstances.  But, "crap" happens and we all move on.  The site/forums remain open for these types of questions, and for posterity.   I'd really love to open up VMKMagic again for archival purposes (closed to posting).  This is something that has been discussed here before.  Unfortunately, I've just been incredibly slow/lazy in finishing the job.  It's almost done though (honest!) ; perhaps I'll take a look at it again soon.
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