Farewell and Fairest of Winds

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    Before the last ship sets sail this Thursday, September 19 at noon, the Crew @ Pirates Online wish to sincerely thank ALL ye savvy Pirates for your fantastic support and enthusiasm for Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
    'Twas you who made our online adventure in the Caribbean a truly epic one!

    We hope you enjoyed this final month of merriment, free play, codes, items, pets, and jolly holidays to their fullest, and that these last weeks help to keep a special corner in yer treasure chest of memories for Pirates Online.

    Before noon on Thursday, do not forget to print out yer Pirate's very own Letter of Infamy, courtesy of the Marceline Guild, by clicking here!

    Now set a plucky course, mates, and mark ye well -
    when fair winds fail, take up yer oars!

    Fair winds be ever yers,
    The Crew @ Pirates Online

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    So sad :(
    Signature coming soon!