Jolly Roger puts Pirates' luck to the test this Friday the 13th – the unluckiest day of the year – when he unleashes his Curse of the Muertos Moon!
Any Pirate on land and outdoors that is struck by the cursed moonlight transforms into one of Jolly’s undead minions. Prepare yerself for all-out battle against any unfortunate Pirates bewitched by Jolly Roger’s hex – or shatter his spell by defeating them!

Don't let Jolly Roger use this bad-luck day to his good advantage!
The Curse of the Muertos Moon
All day this Friday, September 13th
WHERE: Who knows where or when Jolly Roger will strike?

We Pirates are a superstitious lot, and many cloak themselves in the Garb of the Undead as a lucky charm on this unluckiest day of the year.
Peddlers are offering many Pirates' favorite gear in these last weeks – including the Garb of the Undead! Make yer own luck by visiting a friendly island Peddler today, mates.