Eerie Chill Spreads Across the Caribbean

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    Jolly Roger casts his supernatural chill over the islands this week, no doubt rallying to overrun the Caribbean in one final strike!

    As that vile villain prepares to unleash his macabre mayhem, gather yer new weapons to repel those undead hordes and redeem these codes to add another powerful pair to yer inventory:

    barbossa – claim Barbossa's Fury
    (Legendary repeater)

    elpatron – claim the Lost Sword of El Patron
    (Legendary cutlass)

    Ye swashbucklers should now be fully stocked to scuttle the bones of all invading forces!

    Little does Jolly Roger realize that we Pirates enjoy nothing better than plundering in this spooky atmosphere.
    We even have our own dance for it. Charm yer Pirate into an eerie trance by entering /zombie into your chat window!

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