Make the most of this last month, mates, by enjoying even more merry extras... and in this jolly spirit of gift-giving, a week of Winter Festival is also yours!

First boost yer level by super-boosting yer Reputation –
with a special summer draught of Jack's Brew!

Redeem the code: jacksboost

The Jack's Brew potion then lands in yer potion inventory. When used, it increases yer Pirate's reputation gained by 500% for an hour.

Summon a savvy pet for yer Pirate by redeeming these codes, then using the new pet potions from yer Inventory:

cluck – summons a mighty chicken for 5 minutes

spot – summons a scruffy, loyal dog for 5 minutes

stinger – summons a not-so-dire wasp for 5 minutes

Enter the /jig emote in the chat window to see yer pet perform a trick!
NOTE: You can only summon one pet at a time.

Glad tidings mean GOLD to a Pirate, and this third jolly gift grants ye an extra 40,000 coins!
(20,000 gold coins, plus another 20,000 for the jolly holiday)

Just redeem the gold code: sparrow

Mark ye well:

You must have available slots open in your inventories for the codes ye seek to redeem.
Click here to learn how to redeem codes in-game.

All potion effects, including Jack's Brew, will be lost if you enter a PvP Match while that potion is still active. If you wish to enjoy Jack's Brew's reputation boost for one hour, we do not recommend PvP during that time.
Jack's Brew nor the gold code will exceed yer Notoriety cap or the maximum gold limit.

These codes are all one-time use only, for each Pirate on your account.