Enjoy Pirates Online's final month to the fullest, mates, with free Unlimited Access, Double Gold, Double Plunder – and get an extra boost with Double Rep this weekend too!

Starting now through Monday, ALL Pirates can earn double the normal experience points for defeating enemies on land and sea, completing Quests, brewing Potions, and Fishing.
Double Reputation Weekend does not apply to PvP,
Ship v Ship, Cannon Defense, or Ship Repair.

Missed them the first time? These CODES for special weapons are once again available:
– Heart of Padres Cutlass darkcutlass– Darkfire Cutlass
haymaker – Haymaker Pistol sword– Sword of Triton
nemesis – Nemesis Blade spectral– Spectral Cutlass
zombie – Zombie Kabab Bayonet

Plus the all-new weapon class of SCIMITARS is yers with these two new codes:
viper – Viper's Kiss Scimitar claw – Desert Claw Scimitar

If you haven't yet experienced the thrill of swashbuckling with these items in yer grasp,
redeem those codes today, savvy?

NOTE: Remember to have an open slot in yer Inventory for each item you redeem.