For many weeks, Pirates have noted strange comings-and-goings by EITC agents,
with many suspicious swashbucklers speculating that the EITC is secretly smuggling
new weapons through their more exotic trade routes.

Marceline scouts confirm that the EITC Black Guard are indeed ferrying these new weapons into the Caribbean, landing on Cuba then transporting via a route over Isla Tormenta through Outcast Isle right to their bases on Padres del Fuego.

Find a member of the EITC Black Guard this weekend, and with the right persuasion, ye may possibly find yerself holding a new weapon!

Be on sharp lookout!
These Black Guard agents are stealthy and slick, with no guarantee you'll find one.
Keep an empty slot or two in yer Inventory just in case.
Our scouts report the EITC running their smuggling operations during these times:

WHEN: Saturday, August 17: 3 – 4:30 pm
Sunday, August 18: 10 – 11:30 am

WHERE: Padres del Fuego, Outcast Isle,
Isla Tormenta, and Cuba

* All times listed are Pacific Time