It's time for our annual celebration of the finest, bravest, and savviest of all Pirates in the Caribbean. If ye know of such a savvy swashbuckler, let us know by sending in yer nomination!

From July 26 through August 4, nominate a special Pirate who aids others, shows great bravery, and relies on wily wit in the face of menacing foes, all while keeping to the Pirate Code.
Send us yer nominations by replying to this News Item using the comment field below only.

When you reply with your nomination, please include the following information:

  • Name and Level of the Pirate you are nominating
  • The Guild in which the Pirate is a member
  • Reasons why you think the Pirate deserves this honor. We want to hear the details on how this Pirates' deeds demonstrate an exemplary and savvy Pirate spirit.

    Entries will be accepted only through replies to this News Item, so make sure you send in your nomination by using the comment field below. Put the summer spotlight on a praiseworthy Pirate today!