A savvy reminder, mates, on keeping your account safe and private:

  • Never download third-party software that someone promises will give you "rewards" or an advantage in Pirates Online.
    Don't be fooled – there is no other software you need to download that helps you play or chat in Pirates Online. Downloading such third-party programs can be unsafe due to possible viruses or keyloggers that compromise your Pirates Online account.
  • Never use your username or password on fan sites, online forums, or any applications outside of Pirates Online.
    Giving out your Pirate's account information to someone, even via social media sites outside of Pirates Online, will more likely result in your Pirate being stolen, a ban, and termination of your account.
  • Never give out your account information or passwords to anyone.

Keep yer account safe under lock and key!

Accounts terminated for hacking or sharing personal information will not be reinstated.

No one wants to lose all the time and effort spent building up a mighty Pirate.

NOTE: Disney GMs will never ask for your personal information in the game.