Competition was fierce, and - we're happy to report - also friendly, with many racers wishing each other good luck, fair winds, and congratulations on their prizes. It does a salty ol' sea dog's heart good to hear, it does!
During thirty-six races over three days, Pirates fought, figured, and flexed their way to finish lines all over the islands. We thank all competitors for taking their best shot, and making this Event a great time for all!

For those who think strength has nothing to do with this Event, think again!
This brave lower-level Pirate was just steps away from a first place finish,
when a high-level Fly Trap knocked him out in a single ill-timed blow.

Thanks go out to all supportive friends and Guildmates as well, who turned out to cheer on their mates! Whether finishing first second, third, or not making it to the finish line at all, all racers do the Marceline GMs proud by giving it yer all.

Now it's our pleasure to present the fast-footed and quick-thinking winners:


Bart BluegintyHoot the PirateKate SwordscarlettSage
Ben SquidloatherJackLeon CrestbreakerSam Squidgull
Ben WhalebutlerJake FlanLeon DreadwalkerSamantha
Bryce StormsharkJason BluerageNate CrestbreakerRedfellow
ChristopherJeffrey BlasthawkNick WarhawkWill Goldskull
ColinJeremiah SwordeagleRavenWilliam Goldsilver
Edward HullfuryJohn The GreatRichard FirewalkerWillow Gunhazzard

That's no shark, lad... just GM Thatch Roberts, enjoyin' a post-race cool-off with ye all.


Angel HullfuryElo PoppetJohnny Sea SlasherSolomon Cresteagle
Bill ChiphazzardGeneral WarhawkMark ScurvyfoxSolomon Plankfoote
Blaze FireroseGeorge FirehoundMicheal WarsteelSpencer Fire
Bort GreasegorbHannah BluefeatherMinorStefan Stormskull
BryceHappy RogerNathanielTaylor
ChristopherHector DeckratPretty PollyTipsea Rumcakes
DocksilverHenry SingedmorganRobert FirewalkerTom Firebones
Contessa St. MarcoJack IroneagleSam SquidgallowsVelocity
Dragon SlashJames SharkstackSarah Darkspinner

Flexing in their finest Pirate garb!


AmosDavy DarkwalkerLarryRose
AddisonHector MooncrashLisa MachawkSage Connoncrash
Ben ChainmenanceJames GleamingMark O’CastleSamuel Calicoswain
Bill Mac JonesJane HexskullMobsterShadow
Blazen ShadowJason DreadfuryNatasha MarieSires
Cutler CutthroatDog O'WreckerSkullbreakerStormwalker
CWalkerJohnny RedskullPenny RoseSunset Sandseeker
DallyJulie Ann LawlessPirate GrandmaWilliam Shoresmythe
David RedwalkerKat WildhawkRebel

Hearty congratulations to all!
Enjoy yer well-earned prizes, and the admiration of Pirates everywhere.

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