"I'm glad ye be here. I could use your services. Could ye deliver this card to Capt. Teague? Oh, I forgot to mention... not quite sure where he is..."
- Jack Sparrow

Starting this Saturday, Captain Jack Sparrow again seeks yer help finding his elusive father, Captain Teague. To lend a helping hand, visit Jack in the Rowdy Rooster Tavern on
Port Royal and begin the Father’s Day Quest.
ALL Pirates may take this Quest, for the reward of gold
and Double Reputation points
for three hours!

As in all dealings with Jack Sparrow and his slippery father, the end to this Quest can be somewhat… tricky.Know ye that once you sink the Navy ship, Captain Teague is saved and yer
Quest is complete! Your three hours of Double Reputation reward begin
immediately thereafter, as shown by this icon over your Pirate:

The clock stops ticking on your Double Reputation time when you log out of the Caribbean.
This Quest is available to both Basic AND Unlimited Access Pirates.

What: Father's Day Quest
When: June 8 through June 17
Where: Start with Jack Sparrow at the Rowdy Rooster Tavern on Port Royal