The Feats of Strength Competition begins tomorrow!
The event runs over three days: Tuesday, June 4 to Thursday, June 6.

Pirates who are scheduled to compete: make sure you double-check your race day, time, and Ocean (server) in last week's schedule postings here on the Blog.

Here are the event details for our competitors:

Challenge #1 - Starting Line:

Competitors ALL meet on Devil's Anvil on their scheduled day and on their scheduled Ocean at their designated start time.
*All times posted in the schedules are Pacific Time (Los Angeles).

(Example: Mermaid Minnie, 26, Typhoon Guild – JUNE 5, 4:30pm, BEQUERMO)

Officially listed competitors ONLY should check in with the Marceline Guild GM that is located on Devil's Anvil beach to start your race. You can identify them by the icon above their heads:

The GM will then whisper a pass phrase AND location to only the competitors. Be prepared to memorize or write both down - and hang on, mate! If you leave before the GM says "GO", you will be disqualified.

The GM will then put you on yer mark, get you set, and when the GM says "GO" the race is officially on!

Challenge #2 - The Race:

Do your best to get to the location the GM told you. Swift Foot potions, sailing, and teleporting are all fair game!

When you get to the correct location, type your pass phrase in the chat window. Pretty much YELL IT OUT!

An invisible Ghost GM will be at the correct location and will hear your cries! If you are at the right spot and have spoken the correct pass phrase, the Ghost GM will whisper to you a riddle. Mark well the GM's words, mate - this riddle contains clues to the final leg of the race: the Finish Line!

Challenge #3 - The Finish Line:

The home-stretch! Decipher the riddle given to you and make your way to that final location using the riddle as your clue.
Once you are standing on the exact spot from the clue, yell out your pass phrase again AND use the emote /flex in front of the Marceline GM at the Finish Line. Flexing is your finishing move.

The GM will acknowledge the First, Second and Third place winners of the race at the Finish Line.

GMs will be monitoring all areas of the course. Some GMs may be visible while others may not be, but they will be watching all competitors closely and checking for any sign of cheating. Any cheating or disrupting other racers will disqualify you.

All Pirates are welcome to watch and support friends and Guild mates. It's possible GMs may replace no-shows with any volunteers selected from the crowd at hand. Please keep your weapons stowed during the event. Pirates that harass competitors or GMs or interfere with the course in any way will be removed from the game.
Good luck, mates!