Fly with you, pixie campers! I'm here to officially kick off the second camp challenge: the Wilderness Explorer Challenge! To participate, you must earn the Wilderness Explorer badge, just released today. To earn this badge, help 5 squirrels in any of the three Wilderness areas: the Bubbly Bog, Silver Trees, and/or the Never Mine. You can go scouting by yourself or with friends - it's up to you! You have until July 9 to participate in the challenge (you can still earn the badge after that, it just won't count toward the challenge.) The troop with the most Wilderness Explorer badges by July 9, wins a special honors badge! To read more about camp challenges, click here.

In other news, Fawn has just released a new quest all about that elusive Never Unicorn. Fly by her hideout in Maple Tree Hill to check it out, and on the way, swing by the shops to browse the new collections that were also released today!

As a reminder, there will be no Never News or Pixie Postings this Thursday, but Marina will be here on July 9th for her second Disney Fashion Spotlight fly-in. She'll post more details in the news on July 9.

Keep it dusty,