Hi pixie campers! Hope everyone is getting settled into Camp Pixie Dust and making friends with their fellow talent troopers! Today I want to tell you about the epic Camp Challenges that are going to be happening all summer. This summer is going to be divided up into two-week long sessions, and each of these sessions will also involve a cool Camp Challenge. Here's how they'll work:

  • The current challenge will be announced right here in the Never News blog.
  • You'll have a week from when the challenge is announced to complete whatever the challenges asks you to do.
  • Whichever troop has the highest level of participation in the challenge, wins! Your troop is determined by which talent you selected when you created your Fairy -- animal-talents are in Rabbit Troop, garden-talents are in Butterfly Troop, tinker-talents are in Turtle Troop, water-talents are in Otter Troop, and light-talents are in Glowworm Troop.
  • The winning troop will be announced in the Never News blog and every Fairy and Sparrow Man camper in that talent troop will receive a special badge.

The first Camp Challenge that is going on RIGHT NOW is the "Camp Sign-Up Challenge" – the winners will be the troop that earns the most Camp Sign-Up badges by clicking on the sign-up quill in Havendish Square. We'll be announcing the winners on Thursday, so be sure to sign up if you haven't yet!

Keep it dusty,