Summer's just one day away, pixies! Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? Camp Pixie Dust kicks off tomorrow, so be sure to earn ALL of your spring badges and stock up on spring dyes and seed packets before then! I'll tell you more about Camp Challenges next week, but to enter the first one you'll need to earn the Camp Sign-Up badge by clicking on the quill in Havendish Square, starting tomorrow!

The Minister of Summer will be welcoming her favorite season by visiting us pixies and bringing along some flaptastic gifts – summer wishing wells! You have to meet her in the Ballroom (on the top 10 Servers) for your chance to get a gift. Here's when she'll be there*:

  • Friday, June 21 from 2-3pm PST
  • Saturday, June 22 from 2-3pm PST
  • Sunday, June 23 from 2-3pm PST

*Dates and times subject to change.

Keep it dusty,