Greetings from the mind of Captain Rockhopper! I've learned a great deal about the pirate patient. 

Did you know that pink flamingos haunt the deepest part of his mind? I imagine he has an exciting tale about that. 

Joy told me all of us have emotions running around in our heads, but that we all have different islands of personality. Captain Rockhopper has a Tasty Island and a Loot Island, plus others that we can't reach right now. 

It makes me wonder about what islands I have. Certainly there's one for science. What about Night of the Living Sled? I'd love to explore my own mind, but I shouldn't use the Minderizer 3000 just for fun... 

Oh, I almost forgot! Rockhopper is beginning to recover, so I expect he'll be swashbuckling again by next week.

--Gary the Gadget Guy