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    Out of pure curiosity, what direction is DMMO headed in? Is it supposed to be forums for the closed MMO's, for club penguin, or for something else? Will the intentions/title of DMMO be changing anytime soon? I was just wondering, since it has been two years and I'm still a little confused. :euhm:
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    The launch of the EOS skin was a a bit unfortunate due to three out of the four remaining MMO's from Disney closing. As such, this site honestly has little purpose besides a place for old friends to talk about pretty much whatever they want. Therefore, we don't have any plans on continuing development of DisneyMMO as it is a "dead project" with no potential. However, we have been thinking of other projects/ideas unrelated to Disney to go into, but it's just that: ideas, nothing official. We don't really have much to expand upon at this time.

    Hope this helps!