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    I was playing MyVMK just now and started thinking about VMKMagic and how even though I wasn't a member of the website when I played the original VMK I joined afterwards and I'm pretty sure I loved VMKM more than VMK itself. It's where I made two of my best friends and spent my weekends. I think VMKM was a bigger part of my childhood was rather than VMK since I was maybe 11 when VMK closed and VMKM was still alive in my teenage years. I don't know. I guess I was just feeling really nostalgic and came on here. It's so different for me now though. It's not the same for me I guess. Maybe it's because I'm older or because I don't like change and don't move on well and my best friends aren't on here anymore. Anyways, I think the site looks really awesome. Xiris is doing a great job. 
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    You'll probably find a lot of people that feel that way Morgan.  I think I'm probably among them :).  VMK was a great game, but VMKM (and moreso the community) were what made it really special.  This is more or less the reason I've always been a huge opponent of obviously dead-on-arrival VMK knockoffs: they don't produce a good game, and they put the community I love so much against each other over and over in an endless cycle of hope and emotional stress.  Thankfully, MyVMK is a break from said cycle.  It's a great revitalization of the game.  I wish it were more faithful to the original, though.  For that reason, and the reasons you cited, it's not my future home.

    At any rate, I'm really glad to hear VMKMagic had such a profound impact on you. I wish there were more I could do for the community.  One opportunity might be an open source VMK recreation - it would enable myself and others in the community to do some pretty fantastic things together.  But for now, VMK's future remains in the hands of a couple closed source efforts.  I'd love to work on my own VMK recreation, but I simply don't have the time.  VMKRevisited.com thus, for the moment, remains my final effort.

    DisneyMMO is probably not going anywhere too quickly since  Disney has closed most of its MMORPGs.  But, there's still a small community of ex-VMKMer's hanging out in the chat (http://disneymmo.com/chat).  I think I may have seen you in there the other day.  Do stop by if you're ever interested in talking with us.  There's usually something interesting going on at nights, and the activity is bound to pick up - if only a little - come the holidays.  On another note, I am currently looking at rehosting an archived version of VMKMagic.  It's been a long process, and I imagine that a lot of the people originally requesting that I do it have forgotten about the effort.  But, I imagine it will happen eventually.  Whenever I next get the time and interest to get something going, I'll finish it off.

    I am attempting to get another project off the ground.  It's not Disney online related, but should it go anywhere, everyone here will be the first to know about it.

    All the best Morgan.  Thanks again for commenting - it really means a lot.
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