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    Does anyone think they are going to bring back VMK? Sure it's not in their park anymore but I don't see the harm in bringing back the game... It was loved by many and I know so many people who don't like VFK and prefer VMK. 
    They're pretty much the same but I get it. We had friends on VMK, we liked how VMK looked, we loved VMK. 
    VMK was what we looked forward to after getting home from school. It was a fun game and we could interact with friends through it and make new friends.
    I wouldn't mind VFK so much if the characters looked better, I'm not a big fan of how the people look... I think they should look like the characters that they had on VMK. 
    Tons of people miss VMK, it definitely would not be a waste bringing it back because so many people want to get back on it and want it back. It was a great place with a great community. 
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    The chance of Disney bringing it back at this point probably isn't much, but you might check out a fan effort over at myvmk.com.  It's look pretty good :).

    Alternatively, you can always view our "walk through" of sorts over at vmkrevisited.com.  It's not a recreation like MyVMK, but it should give you an authentic look at VMK's rooms, music, and other static elements.
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