The recent alpha release of DisneyMMO.com added a completely revamped profile experience which brings back a couple of features from the VMKMagic.com days, including a new one, which many people have been missing.  The simplest of these features is that of a well organized list of your stats, information about how you can be contacted (e.g. email), and other interesting information about yourself.  All of this information can be edited over in your UserCP.  Looking to get there quickly and start customizing?  Just head on over to this link: http://disneymmo.com/community/ucp.php?style=4&i=profile&mode=profile_info.

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting feature is that of profile messaging!  Every user's profile has a big text input near the top of the right hand side of the profile area which allows you to leave a message for the person whose page you are presently on.  Just type out your message, then press the "submit" button, or simply press enter.  Pressing "shift" + "enter" will give you a new line.  Your messages will be posted to the profile page you are on.  This is a great way to publicly and quickly communicate with somebody.  Give it a shot!  Up to 20 recently posted messages are displayed on a user's profile page, but you can always view more of the message history by clicking that "more" button near the bottom of the messages list.  Everything on this page can be updated without a page refresh, so its quick and snazzy!

The final awesome feature landing on everyone's profile page is that of the customized profile banner.  Every profile page has a giant image banner spanning the top of it, and yours can be customized by navigating to your profile page (click your avatar in the top right hand corner of the website on any page), and then simply clicking on your profile banner.  You should see a file browser pop up, and from there you can select any image.  It will be automatically resized to fit the available area for you, but you should avoid selecting any image over 1.5mb in size.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them with us!  Similarly, if you come across any bugs, please send them our way.
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