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    Hey everyone!

    In light of recent issues with the DisneyMMO chat introduced a couple of months ago, I have migrated DisneyMMO's chat back to our previous setup: AddonChat. I made a couple of changes to our previous setup, most of which are aesthetic. You should have a much better chatting experience now; though I regret that our work on the custom features (such as user avatars) cannot be transferred to this chat program.

    I should stress that this chat solution is temporary until we can find a more permanent custom solution - one which will not be fraught with the issues experienced with the last. I'll keep you updated, of course. But, for the moment, finishing DisneyMMO EOS is my priority. Once the site is in a reasonably good place, we can dedicate some resources to a new chat solution.

    If you have any suggestions or problems entering the new chat, please post about them here. The chat can still be accessed at http://disneymmo.com/chat.

    See you there!
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    Also, for those having issues with running AddonChat, remember that you will probably need to update your java to the latest version and also allow permission for the java program to run. If you're still running into issues, please let us know :).