New Addition To DisneyMMO: Blogs!

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    Hey everyone!

    The goal we have with DisneyMMO is to be a great community and portal for all of Disney's Massively Mulitplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG's). To accomplish this, we have some pretty awesome additions to the site in store for you. Some of you may have already seen some of our plans by looking at our development skin: EOS ( If not, I recommend taking a few minutes to take a look around. One of the first things you'll notice is the navigation area located to the right of the site's logo. There are a variety of different icons in the navigation and some of our ideas are first shown there. Today I want to take some time to talk about one of our first major additions to DisneyMMO that will help us get further to our goal: blogs!

    The world of blogging has become a very big and important part to most everybody's lives. Whether its sharing a personal life event, a video or image, a guide to how to become a black belt in no time in Club Penguin's Card-Jitsu, or even how you and your friend just barely defeated a Cog HQ by the skin of your teeth, blogs are used by people all the time! Due to it's popularity and enjoyment, we thought it would be a great addition to add to DisneyMMO!

    With this being a new edition to our site, it has not yet been themed for our EOS skin. This means that the only theme it's functionally available for at this time is the original default phpBB theme called prosilver and can be found by going to While it can work in our current default skin, some images will be broken and will not appear. Now, before you click that link and start checking out the blogs, there are a few things you should know. The first is that the skin in the link above, again, is the skin you'd normally see in a fresh installation of phpBB. That means it isn't the most eye-appealing skin (thus is the reason why we're using the one you see each time you visit our site). So, when you go to the blogs section of the skin, it wont be appealing right out of the box. There are things there that would look better if things were moved around and a new slab of paint thrown on it (if you will pardon the expression). As you've seen so far with our work with our EOS skin, you can be sure that we'll give it the makeover it rightly deserves once we get other things on our to-do list done.

    Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get to the stuff you want to know: what features are part of our blog. Below is a small list of things that are already part of the software and ready to use right now:

    • Custom CSS: Yes, you heard me right, if you know how to do some of your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you're now able to slightly style your own blog with CSS! Pretty sweet huh?
    • Subscriptions: Do you like somebody's blog and want to be told as soon as a new one is made by that person? Well, you can by subscribing to them (or "following" them as it is known by some). Notifications can be sent to you either through a Private Message (PM) or through an email being sent to the email associated with your account here.
    • Categories: Every blog has a certain topic and with categories people can more easily find your blog by looking through different categories. Currently we have six: DisneyMMO (staff-only), Club Penguin, Pixie Hollow, Pirates Online, and Off-topic. As time goes on, we may add more depending on the popularity of certain topics.
    • Permissions: As the owner of your blog, you can control who can see and reply to them. These restrictions are based around guests, friends, and "foes" (people on your ignore list). Each one of these three groups you can permit whether or not they can see and/or comment in your blogs (except guests can never comment). Also, DisneyMMO Staff are not subject to these permissions you set; we can view, edit, and delete any blog or comment without approval.
    • Polls: Just like in a fourm topic, you can create polls for your blogs to gather input from your viewers. As a viewer to somebody else's blog, you can participate in their polls and even change your answer if you made a mistake!

    These are just a few of the features available with our blogs. There are other smaller features available, so we highly recmmend you take a look around, make a few blogs and even reply to others! Again, I cannot stress enough that the apperances of blogs right now will not be as great as they will be in the near future. We just installed this feature to our site, but we have some great ideas instore for it.  So, give us a little time and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. All of the features we have with it now will still be there when we adjust it for EOS and who knows, we may add more as well!

    Also, with the edition of these blogs, please keep in mind that all of our rules and punishments for the forums apply to the blogs as well. The DisneyMMO Staff have the right to view, edit, and delete any blog or comment we feel neessary to keeping our site a family-friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone.

    We hope you'll enjoy this new feature to DisneyMMO. Do you have any features you'd like to see in the future? Please let us know as we'd love to hear them!

    Until next time,
    - The DisneyMMO Staff
    P.S. Remember, this is the blogs in their default state. It will be themed, reworked as necessary, and otherwise brought up to speed with our EOS theme in the near future.
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    Where is everyone??
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    litoburrito wrote:Where is everyone??

    Yeah. :enervouswow: