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    IPhone 4S vs iPhone 5? This would be my very first iPhone and I've been reading articles describing the technical comparisons where the iPhone 5 always wins. I just want to hear from actual users on their opinions. Preferably if you've had the iPhone 4S and upgraded to the 5. Is it really worth it?
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    I don't fit the description of someone who had a 4s and upgraded to a 5, but I had a 4 and upgraded to a 5. Technically the 5 is "better" because it has the newest technology. Is there an earth shattering difference between the 4s and the 5? Beside the increase in screen size, no, not really. I think you'll be happy with either you get. There's a more significant difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 than there is between the 4s and 5. The "s" models are usually incremental changes from the generation they replace. If you have the option, I'd get the five, just to have more recent technology. 
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    I have the 4s and I really haven't wanted to upgrade. I've had it pretty much sense the year it was released. Thus, I have a lot of cases and chargers that wouldn't fit the 5. I don't like the length of the iPhone 5. I think for those that don't already have an iPhone that it isn't really a problem, but for me it would be an adjustment that I don't prefer. When the iPhone 6 comes out, I'll look into getting one only if it has significant updates. I also still haven't updated to ios7 because I don't like it either. 
    You'd probably be fine with either! :)