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    I can’t control my eating and don’t like exercise. I would like to loose at least 30 pounds but would like to take safe diet pill. I am very much scared to take diet pills because I heard they cause a health problem that’s why I need something that has natural ingredients and is not harmful. Please suggest some safe effective diet pills that worked for you. Please only serious answers. Thanks In advance.
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    The only natural diet pill you're going to find is clean eating and moderate exercise. There is no quick fix to weight loss and fat reduction is about overall health and wellness before it should be about improving your exterior. I've personally lost and maintained eighty-six pounds for the last three years by eating right and exercising here and there. I still eat junk food and I sometimes go weeks without going to the gym. Diet pills are apart of a multi-billion dollar industry and they do nothing but rob you of your money and compromise your health. Take my advice, work for it naturally and you'll thank yourself. 
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