DCP Spring 2014

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    Hey all,

    Today I got my acceptance email for the Disneyland College Program! I applied a month ago tomorrow, so I'm really happy to say that the killer waiting game is over! I was given the role of resort parking & transportation, which is what I wanted when I did my CP in WDW, so I'm really happy!
    The problem I have though is I don't know if I should accept the offer or not.. :bb???: I just got back from my WDW adventures a little over a month ago, and I'm still considered a freshman at school because my college wouldn't give me any credit or anything and I had to take the semester off to go. I don't really know if I should take of another 6 months to run around in California, because then I'll just be a year behind. Part of me is saying who cares, because I know that I'll finish school. I just will have finished differently than most people. But the other part is saying I shouldn't go because it's time to deal with the real world. In Florida I did whatever I wanted with my friends and it's been really hard coming home and commuting to school because I want that life back, and I know that going to California won't get me back there because I'll just have to come home again, which I'm afraid will only hurt more than this time. Also, the up front payments for Disneyland are so much more money and I'm broke. Literally flat out broke. In Florida I maxed out my credit card by the time I got home and I can't live that lifestyle if I go to CA. I did the math and each week I'll have about $130 after rent if I work 30 hours, and that's before taxes and gas and food and everything else. Do you think that's enough money to hold me over each week to also have fun? Because literally I won't even be bringing a credit card if I go because I'll just be tempted to use it. I mean I've thought about it and I feel like it would be kinda fun to budget myself and try to live so simply, but then reality hits me and I know that won't work. I don't have a job right now and I have about 12 weeks to work before arrivals, so if I get like 200 a week that'll be about $2400, which would help a lot if I bring my car, because coming from Connecticut will take days and tons of money just to get there, and then to have to do it again coming home.
    Also, my family isn't as supportive this time as last time. My mom just tells me to do what makes me happy, but my dad is all sorts of hbfuiycbneq about me going because I just did it and I've been so sad lately and he thinks I'm running away from real life. Which is kind of true. I don't like the school that I'm at, I hate Connecticut, I don't have any friends here. I kind of wanted to go to CA to finally get out and maybe stay out there and go to school, and I'm looking at this as my way out. I had it in Florida and came home, and I regret it. Now I have the chance to get out again and I don't know if I should take it.

    It's just so much money, I'll be behind in school, and I don't know if it's worth it. I know that I'm kind of running away, but really this isn't the worst place to run away from. Yeah, I'm not going to school, but I'll have a guaranteed job and housing for at least 6 months that gives me more time to figure my life out. That's the hardest part about life right now for me, that I had everything I wanted but it eventually came to an end and I knew it would. I had a house, a job, a car, and all of my friends right there with me, and all of a sudden in a single day, no job, no house, and friends scattered around the country that I will honestly probably barely see because it's so much money to travel to everyone. And even then, if I can stay seasonal that would be great. I can find an apartment or maybe meet some people while I'm there to get one, work at Disneyland seasonally when I have time, I'll just submit my availability each week, and go to school the same way I'm going here. I'll commute which will still suck because I'm not getting the whole college experience, but I'll be more independent. I would have a job and an apartment, I can start saving money for a car of my own. I just feel like there's nothing for me where I am now, and I feel like if I don't get out soon I'll be stuck.
    I'm going to admissions tomorrow to see if I can take online classes to stay enrolled and not fall so far behind. If they let me do that I'll feel a lot better about saying yes because at least I won't be a year behind. Which even then is no big deal because I can make up the classes easy by taking an extra each semester or a couple over the summer or something. And really my sister is graduating college in 2017, so if I go and don't take any classes, I'll just be graduating with her instead of in 2016. I just don't want to make a decision for the wrong reasons..
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    I'd be happy to talk with you more about this via PM, if that interests you.

    I think you might already know the answers to your questions, or, you're at least pretty close. The answers depend on what's best for you. Personally, I wouldn't go back to WDW or DLR, but that's a decision I would make for my own reasons--you have sound logic, and it it's really your choice. Do you even have the money to spend? Do you have to use a credit card? Do you want to use a credit card? What are you going to get out of going to DLR for several months? A job there? A job at home? A permanent solution to the problems facing you? I  think the answer to most questions is no, but you can be the judge of that. 

    What are your operations to transfer schools? Can you leave CT? Can you at least go to another college? If you've already pushed back delaying graduating by a semester, how catastrophic is it to push it back a whole year? 

    I know exactly how you feel--I left some of my best friends in Florida and even though I had friends to come home to, I had a difficult time re-adjusting to the mundane lifestyle I was living at home.

    Is this at all helpful? 
    DisneyMMO Administrator