Disney Resorts?

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    Has anyone stayed at Disney resorts at any of the Disney parks? I've only stayed at the Grand Californian, and I LOVED it. It was so beautiful and I just about cried when we were checking in I was so excited! :)

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    I've stayed at the Grand Californian, the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier, and.. I believe that's it. :o The Grand Californian suites are ESPECIALLY nice (my friend's dad got a cabin/suite thing and stepped up and gave the extra room to us). Disneyland Hotel's very nice as well, albeit expensive. Well worth the cost though -- the proximity is REALLY nice. ;)

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    The resorts are all so pretty, but I'm too close for us to stay at one of the resorts. I do want to stay at one someday, like the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Polynesian, or the Contemporary.
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    I've only ever stayed at the value resorts(Pop Century, All*Star Movies.) and Port Orleans Riverside in WDW. I wouldn't trade Riverside for pretty much all of the resorts at WDW, though. I love it. My other favorites are Polynesian and Contemporary.

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    I love the Disney resorts and hotels, they are always so much fun! I've stayed at both the Animal Kingdom Hotel and the Boardwalk hotel. The Boardwalk hotel was absolutely my favorite <3
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    Including the Disney Vacation club resorts:
    -Pop Century
    -All Star Sports
    -All Star Music
    -All Star Movies
    -Beach Club
    -Bay Lake Towers
    -Port Orleans
    -A few others, but I can't think of them right now.

    I've wanted to stay at Fort Wilderness for the longest time (I'm a camper) as well as the Grand Floridian. I heard that GF is getting a DVC lot in a few years, so hopefully I'll get to stay there soon. My favorite hotel that I've been to, without a doubt, is Bay Lake Towers. I'm a big fan of the modern culture, although I usually am too afraid to touch anything because it looks so expensive, lol. The Poly would be my second favorite. I like the fact that they have Ohana's. :3
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    So far after time we've gone to Disney World we've stayed in the value resorts. ^^ So far we've stayed in All Star Sports and Pop Century. I really love Pop Century because they get their own buses, the tye-dye cheesecake is delicious, and if you're lucky enough to stay in the 60s and 50s areas (which we have), the pool is nearby, as well as all the main services- food court, arcade, gift shop, buses, ect. so it's easy to get to where you're going and find your way around. I love staying there. ^^

    A few hotels I'd love to stay at though are Port Orleans- both Riverside and New Orleans- as well as Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Polynesian, Art of Animation, and perhaps a few others here and there. ^^

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    Ive been at:Pop Century,All Star Sports,All Star Music,All Star Movies,Polynesian,Port Orleans, and Saratoga Springs. But I must say, Saratoga Springs is the best!
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    I've stayed at the Wilderness Lodge twice.
    I love it there! It's so comforting and inviting.
    It has nice scenery, and last time we were there, we had Cinderella Castle view because we were upgraded by surprise :erockingout:
    It's like almost literally a hop, skip, and a boat ride away.
    Ah, I miss it so much <3 :ehappycrying:
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    I've stayed at:
    -Bay Lake Towers at Disney's Contemporary Resort
    -The Polynesian
    -Port Orleans: Riverside --> 3 times
    -Pop Century
    -All Star --> 4 times
    -Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
    -Disney's Saratoga Springs

    ..and a few more. Next year I'll be going to Aluani in Hawaii so I'm very excited for that! My favorite out of all them had to be The Polynesian. Love the water slide ;)
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    I've stayed at the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I liked the Grand Floridian the best, although the Polynesian was pretty nice too.
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    I haven't, but I might get the opportunity to stay at the Grand Californian some time in May. If it happens, that'll be really exciting. P.S. MarMar, you never quite told me what it was like when I asked the other day! Come on, I want to know more than how cool the shampoo was lol. Even if I can just go and search it myself (and I have a little bit), I like stories from people better c:
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    I've Stayed at the following:

    Grand Californian
    Disneyland Hotel
    Paradise Pier
    Boardwalk Villas
    Saratoga Springs
    Beach Club Villas
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    I've stayed at pretty much every resort (in WDW) except the polynesian. my favorite one would have to be the grand floridian, but i also liked saratoga springs, animal kingdom lodge, and bay lake towers.
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    I've stayed at
    Pop century- really didn't like it (it was a long time ago so maybe it has changed)
    Wilderness - awesome, I love how it looks, the rooms are very nice and the lobby and forrest surrounding it are awesome
    bay lake towers - VERY nice rooms. Stayed there with a friend and it was awesome.
    saratoga springs - very nice but it was huge. We got off one of the buses after coming back from a park, and sicne there are 5 stops in saratoga, we got lost and an employee gave us a ride on a golf cart lol. But it was a cool place because you walked everywhere, and not to mention carosuel girls (andy you get it lol)