Disney Resorts?

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    Ive Stayed at:

    Bay Lake Tower
    Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas
    Boardwalk Villas
    Saratoga springs
    Wilderness Lodge Villas
    Port Orleans FQ
    Fort Wilderness

    And I believe thats it. My favorites are the first two.

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    I've been to All Star Sports (and maybe another value a long time ago). For almost a decade now we've been staying at our Timeshare off property. It has its perks, but it takes away from the vacation to Disney World a little bit. Someday I hope to stay at the Polynesian...it's my favorite resort.
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    I've stayed at:
    - The Wilderness Lodge
    - The Boardwalk
    - The Animal Kingdom Lodge
    - The Key West

    I have also been inside of:
    - The Grand Floridian
    - The Polynesian
    - The Contemporary

    I would have to say my all-time favorite WDW resort is The Wilderness Lodge. I have so many great memories there. The inside of The Grand Floridian and Polynesian are really nice, too. Also, if you like being near water, I would recommend The Boardwalk. :)
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    When I/my family goes we try to stay at the cheapest hotel so we can do more/stay longer/buy more stuff :P. Here's where we've been though:

    - Fort Wilderness Campground
    - Pop Century (most of the time we're here)
    - All Star Sports
    - All Star Music
    - All Star Movies
    - Swan and Fish (no, I don't call it a dolphin as it looks like a FISH!) (and if you count this as a Disney resort, I don't but I put it here anyways as I wanted to make my list longer)

    Now, if you were to include ones I've been to or ate at, it'd be all of them, minus the new Art hotel :D
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    I always seem to stay at hotels off property.. lol. BUT, I really want to stay in the Adventureland Suite at Disneyland. It's so nicely themed. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2 ... and-hotel/
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    I responded before, but I just recently realized that there is now the Art of Animation and it has a Lion King wing. I want to stay there so bad.
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    I've stayed at:
    Contemporary- 5 times
    Polynesian- 2 times
    Grand Floridian- 2 times
    Beach club
    Yacht Club
    Boardwalk- 2 times

    Favorite is contemporary :)
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    April wrote:I responded before, but I just recently realized that there is now the Art of Animation and it has a Lion King wing. I want to stay there so bad.

    I stayed at the Art of Animation hotel this past week (the Finding Nemo wing, since nothing else has opened yet) and I'll have to say it was very bright and cheery. It has its own buses (major plus) and the pool is the largest pool in any Disney resort. The pool also plays music underwater (cool, but I have no idea how it works). The food is pretty good for it being a value resort. The rooms had intricate detail and they didn't leave anything in there unthemed. It was a neat hotel, but definitely no comparison to the other Disney resorts I have stayed at.
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    I stayed at one last year, but I can't remember the name of it. All I remember is that it was Carribean themed. I really want to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge though!
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    Ive been to Disney {WDW} once. My friend and her mom, dad, and two younger sisters {10, and 13} go every other year, and this year for my friends 16th bday they took me and my other friend too(:
    We stayed at Pop Century, in the 50s{or 60s xD}. We were in the part with Play-doh, and the pool was right next to it. {the main, flower shaped pool}. It was an awesome hotel(:
    THe art of animation was right next to us, and we were going to walk through it, but we never got the chance D: {like across the bridge or whatever xD}

    I also have eaten at the Contemporary {Chef Mickey} and another hotel for a mickey Breakfast another day(:
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    I've spent one night each at the Grand Californian, Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier. I could spend hours in the lobby of the Grand Californian. It's such an amazing place to sit with a good book or a deck of cards. :)

    In WDW, I've stayed at the Beach Club, Wilderness Lodge, and Grand Floridian. Beach Club is definitely my favorite.

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    I've stayed at
      Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
      Disney's Wilderness Lodge
      Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
      Disney's Yacht Club Resort

    My favorite was definitely the Yacht Club, but the Caribbean Beach was really nice too!
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    So I am going to WDW this fall and we are staying at the wilderness lodge does anyone or has anyone ever stayed there whats it like and anything
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    The Wilderness Lodge is great! I just love the campground which is right near it. I've never stayed there, but I've been to the resort to eat there many times. It's really lovely there and the scenery is absolutely amazing :).
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    I just stayed at the campgrounds at Fort Wilderness a couple of weeks ago, and it was really cool. Would definitely go back again if I could, even over another resort. Lots of really cool things to do there