Summer Digital Art

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    I haven't made a post on DMMO for a long while, so I thought I'd show some art that I did during the summer! Of course, it isn't the best artwork you can find on the internet, but I've been trying hard each and every day to improve, and I put my best effort into all my pictures.

    I've been away from the forums for so long that I forgot how to auto-thumbnail images, so I just uploaded a slideshow of my artwork to YT... xD

    Some info about my pictures: 
    1) Most of it is fanart of the anime show, Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan (I was obsessed with the anime for a few months).
    2) Most of these pictures are just sketches.
    3) 0:20 - This was a birthday present for Slamina, which is a drawing of her fairy, Dawn Peppertree. ^_^
    4) The video is ordered by when I drew things, from June to August 2013.

    Anyways, thank you for looking and I hope you like my art! If not, I'd love to hear what I should change in order to make it better. :)
    You are your own hero.
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    I love your art I am replaying and wondering how lucky I am seeing it!