Happy Anniversary Club Penguin!

By Club Penguin, Yesterday at 2:00pm

I can't believe Club Penguin turns 9 today! It's been amazing to watch how we grow and change over the years. To celebrate, we've created a video of all your amazing fan art! We are truly thankful to have such an incredible community. Without further adieu – enjoy! <span itemprop="name" content="Happy Anniversary Club Penguin!"></span>…

Penguin of the Week: Wheels0302

By Club Penguin, Yesterday at 10:00am

Hiya, It's Friday again - woopsie! I'm so silly :P Wheels0302 is a kind penguin who really looks out for others and speaks out against bullying online. He likes to help spread the word about this important message by getting other players involved with hosting anti-bullying parties in Club Penguin! Great job! Leave your nominations for Penguin of the Week in the comments.…

Tomorrow is Club Penguin's 9th…

By Club Penguin, 2 days ago

Tomorrow is Club Penguin's 9th birthday! It's hard to believe that it's already been 9 years. How awesome is that?   To celebrate, Megg and Ninja have been editing a special video featuring artwork from CP players around the world. Expect to see that one tomorrow. :)   The team will also be online to celebrate throughout the day! I'll be online with a few other Club Penguin…

Halloween & CP Anniversary: Gary and…

By Club Penguin, 2 days ago

Hello Penguins!   Gary with be visiting for the Halloween party to help find Gariwald. AND! Aunt Arctic will be coming to celebrate Club Penguin's 9 Anniversary -- party time :D Here are some times you can find them waddling around the island:   Thursday, October 23     * 11:30am on the server Fog (Gary)   Friday, October 24    * 2:00pm on the server Cloudy (Aunt…

Club Penguin Unites on Unity Day

By Club Penguin, 3 days ago

October 22 is Unity Day -- the day where we gather together and wear as much orange as we can to unite against bullying.    You're invited! We're holding an online meet-up to support Unity Day. Here are the details:   There's no such thing as too much orange :D   See you then!   Waddle on,    -Club Penguin Team

Mod Meetup - October 21, 2014

By Club Penguin, 4 days ago

Hello Penguins!   Ready for a sparkly mod meetup? This week's featured mod is:  Here are a few fun facts about Cool Beans:   1. I have a cat and a puffle named Penelope. 2. My favorite parties are the Halloween and Holiday parties 3. I like to vacation in Hawaii 4. Favorite Server: Sparkle - because I like sparkles   You can ask more questions by going on the server…

Puffle Wild iOS App

By Club Penguin, 4 days ago

We love it when we can officially confirm rumors about things we're working on.     Here's another Club Penguin Team confirmation stamp of awesomeness for the upcoming Puffle Wild app for Apple iOS devices!     If you like Match 3 games, you'll love this! It's an adventure into the unexplored wilderness of Club Penguin. You can bring your puffles to help conquer the wild.…

Jungle Party with Chatta

By Club Penguin, 5 days ago

G’Day Penguins, Thanks for joining me for Chatta College; I hope you all learnt lots and has a great time – I know I did! Here’s a picture of the party –  This week I’ve been getting my jungle groove on and decorated my igloo with all sorts of crazy jungle items! So I thought, lets have a jungle party! I’ve found a super awesome leopard outfit which looks so cool…

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VIDEO: Pages from an Explorer's…

By Club Penguin, 5 days ago

Pictures can tell amazing stories. Get a glimpse into the mysterious wilds of Club Penguin, through the eyes of a great explorer.  <span itemprop="name" content="Pages From an Explorer's Journal"></span> <span itemprop="description" content="Pictures can tell amazing stories. Get a glimpse into the mysterious wilds of Club…

Daffo Doodles: Skate Sketches

By Club Penguin, 5 days ago

Hiya! Here are just a few of the many, many brill doodles I received for Skater Sketches!  What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! :) The next theme is...  Frightening Fashions!  Lots of creepy costumes and ghoulish garments from the Halloween Party!  Submit your drawings through the Fan Art page . Please include 'Daffo Doodles' in the name of your file…

Penguin of the Week: Ice Rose8

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hiya! I know, I know, it's Friday. Let's just say that  most  Penguin of the Week posts will be on Thursday from now on... but not today! :D I ce Rose8 is a kind, thoughtful person who loves to make new friends on Club Penguin and has developed a reputation for being a bit of a game expert (and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her fellow penguins). Not only that , but she…

Anniversary Celebration Sneak Peek

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

This year Club Penguin turns 9! Hooray!   Every year, there's an exclusive party hat, only available at the party.      UPDATE:  I'm silly and did not realize everyone knew the hat color already. Here is a new question:  What color or design would you like to see for future party hats?!   Leave your suggestion in the comments below! And make sure to join us in the…

UK Magazine - Ghost Stories!

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hiya! The brand new issue of the fab UK Magazine is available in shops today, so I thought I'd give you all a quick sneak peek of my fave section; Celebrity Ghost Stories ! With Halloween on the horizon, what better way to prepare for the spooky season than with some terrifying tales from some of CP's very own celebs? Take a look at one of the stories below, but be warned ,…

New Puffles Coming!

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hi Penguins!   I'm officially calling this year the year of the puffles . So far we've introduced: dinos, cat, dog, AND snowman puffles. Craziness!   The best part? There are still more to come!    A few players may have caught glimpses of the new puffles, but here's a little sneak peek of more puffles coming later this year:       What do you think the new puffles will…