Reviewed by You: Frozen Party Music!

By Club Penguin, 4 days ago

Hello penguins!   Now that the Frozen Party is on, I thought it would be cool to talk about my favorite part... the music!  What's your favorite Frozen song? Let us know in the comments, and we'll pick one of our favorite comments to feature in our next "Reviewed by You" post.  Happy commenting! ;)   Waddle on,   -Club Penguin Team

Elsa's Ice Palace Now Open - Frozen…

By Club Penguin, 4 days ago

Elsa's Ice Palace is now open! Make sure to check it out, as the Frozen Party will only be around for one more week.  What's everyone enjoying most about the party so far? I think transforming into Olaf and Marshmallow is my favorite part :D Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

Chattabox Frozen Mania!

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

G’Day Penguins,   Well this Frozen party might just be my favourite Club Penguin party yet! I can’t seem to stop playing at the moment. I’ve been going around freezing the island, made my very own Ice Palace igloo, adopted my new Snoman Puffle ‘Snolaf’ and collected all the amazing Frozen items. Its just so much fun! Check out me and Snolaf.... So for my party this…

Mod Monday - August 25, 2014

By Club Penguin, 1 weeks ago

Happy Mod Monday :D   This weeks featured mod is:  Here are a few fun facts about Glitter Roll:   1. Favorite Food: Rainbow slushies, oh and dill pickles with lots of garlic (but not in the slushies)! 2. Favorite Club Penguin Party: The Muppets Party! I've always been a huge fan of Jim Henson. 3. Random Fact: I live in a rainbow colored world; when I think of numbers and…

Penguin Of The Week: Biker Hotrod

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hiya! Is it Friday already? Well you know what that means; time for another new Penguin of the Week . Let's give a big round of applause to...  Biker Hotrod ! This penguin may come across as shy at first, but after you get to know her you'll find out how much fun she is to be around. As well as being super stylish, she's generous and aspires to spread kindness throughout…

The Frozen Party is On Now!

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

The Frozen Party has now started... on both computers AND the Club Penguin iOS app!  We've had a lot of fun so far collecting snowflakes, transforming into Marshmallows, and freezing and unfreezing all the party rooms! What's your favorite part of this month's party? Leave a comment below and let us know! Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

Daffo Doodles: Disco Inferno!

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hiya! It's time to showcase the doodles for Daffo's Disco Inferno ! Once again I had such a hard time picking which ones to show, you were all soooo good! So here we are, check out some of the awesome artists we have within the Club Penguin community! :) These are all pretty cool, don't you think? Thanks to everyone who submitted a doodle! :) Now it's time to introduce the…

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Mod Tuesday - August 19, 2014

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hey Everyone!   We are going to try something a little different with Mod Monday (Tuesday) -- starting this week we are going to have a featured Mod for the meet-up!   We thought it would be cool if you could get to know each mod better since we all have such interesting stories!   This weeks featured mod is:  Here are a few fun facts about Mars Hawk:   1. Favorite Food:…

Polo Field Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge!

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

As some of you may know, Spike Hike nominated me to pour a bucket of ice cold water over Polo Field. This is all part of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that many are taking to help create awareness and find a cure for ALS (otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.)   ALS effects the way people move, meaning their bodies will gradually become paralyzed because their muscles no…

VIDEO: Frozen Party - In Summer

By Club Penguin, 3 weeks ago

Summer is probably the best time of the year! Even our snowman puffle thinks so :D    Watch him sing along to Disney's Frozen song 'In Summer'   <span itemprop="name" content="Club Penguin's Frozen "In Summer" Olaf Sing…

Penguin of the Week: Samantha3124

By Club Penguin, 3 weeks ago

Hiya! Welcome to another edition of Penguin of the Week ! This week's winner goes to... DRUM ROLL...  Samantha3124 ! Not only is this penguin an awesome friend but she also has fabulous style (love that hair) and a big heart too! :) As always, Samantha3124 is rewarded with 10,000 coins along with the totally epic POTW background ! Don't forget to nominate your friends…

Disney Infinity Promotion Announcement

By Club Penguin, 3 weeks ago

Hey Penguins and Penguin Parents,   For all those Disney Infinity fans out there, we're offering a special promotion with each Club Penguin membership purchase.    From Aug. 14 -- Oct. 1, get a Disney Infinity virtual gift for PC and iOS, with the purchase of a membership.   Check out our Membership page to find out more.   Waddle on,   -Club Penguin Team

Build a Snowman Puffle? - Frozen Party…

By Club Penguin, 3 weeks ago

Last week we showed you some of the new interactivity for the upcoming Frozen Party.    We've got one more exciting thing to confirm... Members will be able to create their very own snowman puffle!     Hmmm... looks kinda familiar...    This puffle will only be available during the Frozen Party, from August 21 - Sept 3.   Until then… Waddle on!   -Club Penguin Team