Building Schools and Giving Backpacks

By Club Penguin, 6 hours ago

We think every kid should have a place to learn, and that's why this year we've built school classrooms in Ecuador, India, and Haiti. And gave 14,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need across the United States and United Kingdom. With your help we can do more! If you raise money to build a school, we'll match your donation (up to $5,000 USD). So what are…

Mod Meetup - September 22, 2014

By Club Penguin, Yesterday at 1:30pm

Hello Penguins!   Get ready for another epic mod meetup -- this weeks featured mod is:  Here are a few fun facts about Squeakynose:   1. Favorite Food: Popcorn and carnival food. 2. Favorite Club Penguin Party: I love them all but the Fall Fair is pretty awesome! 3. Random Fact: I am afraid of spiders and octopus ( they look like spiders). 4. Favorite Server: Zipline - It…

VIDEO: Building Schools for Kids in Need

By Club Penguin, 3 days ago

This month, we're partnering with Free The Children to help kids in need. Club Penguin will give $25,000 in grants for kids’ fundraising to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India through our Matching Gift Program. <span itemprop="name" content="Building Schools for Kids in Need"></span> <span itemprop="description" content="This month,…

Penguin of the Week: Serena16689

By Club Penguin, 4 days ago

Hiya! Serena16689 has been a super active player for a couple of years now. She's sooo busy when she's online, she's rarely seen just sitting around doing nothing. If she's not in the Pet Shop adopting a new puffle, she's playing games with her pals, helping new players around the island or checking out the latest Penguin Style catalogue in the Clothes Shop. She's a dedicated…

School & Skate Party On Now!

By Club Penguin, 5 days ago

Class is now in session :D   The School and Skate party has officially started! We've been studying hard, and skating hard too.   What's your favorite party room?     Leave us a comment below!   Waddle on,   -Club Penguin Team

School & Skate Party - Rookie Meetup…

By Club Penguin, 5 days ago

Rookie doesn't always get things right but when he does... he doesn't. Poor Rookie! For those of you brave enough to be in the same room as him -- here are some meetup times: Thursday, September 18     * 11:00am on the server Chinook   Friday, September 19    * 1:00pm on the server Fog  * 3:30pm on the server Mammoth   Saturday, September 20    * 11:30am on the…

VIDEO: School & Skate Party - Sneak…

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

I took to the streets of Club Penguin to see what's new for Back-to-School fashion. I even made up my own imaginary talk show for the occasion :D <span itemprop="name" content="School & Skate Party - Sneak Peek"></span> <span itemprop="description" content="Megg took to the streets of Club Penguin to see what's new…

Daffo Doodles: Frozen Party!

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

Hiya! We received sooo many drawings for the latest Daffo Doodles challenge that it took me longer than expected to look at them all! Thanks to everyone who sent an epic Frozen Party doodle. We saw loads of snowman puffles, Elsas, Annas and some fabulously frosty, seriously snowy scenes! So without further ado, here's just a few of the MEGA drawings we saw!  What do you guys…

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Featured Igloos: September 16, 2014

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

Exciting news for all you pro igloo decorators!    Featured igloos are back! Once a month, we'll be giving a shout out to an igloo we think is simply marvelous. Woohoo!   Our first featured igloo is from Gigigirl14. I was very impressed with her use of space in this igloo. And it actually reminded me of a school I went to -- great job Gigigirl14 :D I'll be wandering around…

Mod Meetup - September 16, 2014

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

Hello penguins!   Our featured mod for this week is:  Here are a few fun facts about Mmm Cookies:   1. Favorite Food: Cookies, but also Pizza and Seafood. 2. Favorite Club Penguin Party: Rockhopper's Quest - we got to sail with Rockhopper to different islands 3. Random Fact: I took an Archery class earlier this year with a friend, and it was really interesting to learn…

UK Magazine - Issue #35

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

Hiya! Managed to get my flippers on the new UK mag today (out on Thurs)! It's full of the usual assortment of puzzles, articles, competitions and island features that you've come to expect from this brill publication! Plus, as always, it's got some epic comics, so I thought I'd share this panel with you so that you can decide what's being said in this scene: What do you think?…

Chattabox's Pyjama Party!

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

G’Day Penguins, I can’t believe it’s September already – just over 3 months until Christmas YIIIPPPPEEEEEE! I took a picture of me writing my Christmas list earlier this week… It’s a long one! On a different note, I’ve been trying to come up with my ultimate September fashion-theme… and I’ve decided on 'Sleep-Wear September’. I mean, who doesn’t love…

School & Skate Party Concept Art

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

Some of you may know that, by now, a lot of the artwork for the School & Skate party is complete.    But, I think it's cool to look back and see where the room art started. It's a great peek into how the artists work. And then, during the party, you get to see the finished, polished rooms! It's crazy seeing how much work goes into drawing a room.   Here's some concept…

Iglu des Monats

By Club Penguin, 6 days ago

Aufregende Neuigkeiten für alle Iglu-Dekorateure! Jeden Monat werden wir euch ein Iglu vorstellen, dass in unseren Augen das ganz besondere Etwas hat. Unser erstes Iglu ist von Gigigirl14. Sie hat den Raum in ihrem Iglu unheimlich geschickt genutzt. Und es erinnert mich irgendwie an meine alte Schule. Gute Arbeit Gigigirl14 :) Ich werde mir ab jetzt eure Iglus anschauen und…