SoundStudio App Now Available for…

By Club Penguin, 17 hours ago

Ready to make epic tunes and share them with all your music making friends? Our SoundStudio app is now available for download from Google Play™ and the Apple App Store! Here are links to download the app: iOS: Sound Studio App for iOS Android: Sound Studio App for Android After you've had a chance to make some music – come back and let us know what you think! Waddle on,…

Penguin of the Week: Dige 2

By Club Penguin, Yesterday at 7:00am

Hiya! Dige 2 has an outfit for every occasion - and the SoundStudio Party is no exception! He's also a very generous friend who will always give postcards, igloo likes, and a kind word to anyone who needs cheering up. If you know someone who should be Penguin of the Week , tell us why in the comments! Winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW background. Byeee! -Club Penguin…

SoundStudio Party 2015 - Don't Miss…

By Club Penguin, 3 days ago

Hi Penguins! Do you ever go to an event with a list in your head of things you FOR SURE want to do before you leave? I asked a bunch of people around the studio what they wanted to do at the SoundStudio Party. And I've got them all here in this handy dandy list: Do you have anything to add to this list? Leave it in the comments below! Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

Mod Meetup - February 23, 2015

By Club Penguin, 3 days ago

Hi Penguins! I present to you... the details for today's Mod Meetup: Remember! You can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts for the correct time. Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team

SoundStudio Party 2015 - On Now

By Club Penguin, 1 weeks ago

Hi Penguins! I hope you're wearing your dancing shoes 'cause the SoundStudio party is on now. If you don't have any dancing shoes, no problem—any kind of shoes or feet will do! :) The SoundStudio Party, or as I like to called it, the "Make-Music-and-Dance-Till-You-Can't-Dance-No-More" Party is now on. To celebrate, we'll be having an online meetup! Here are the details:…

Penguin of the Week: Ichanchibi

By Club Penguin, 1 weeks ago

Hiya! If you're feeling the groove and you're in the mood to start a band, Ichanchibi is your guy! He's a music fan who spends a lot of time on stage at the Lighthouse. He's happy to jam with anyone, and he's got sweet style! If you know someone who should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment below telling us why! Each winner receives 10,000 coins and the POTW background.…

Family Day Fun Activities

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Guess what penguins! Today, some provinces across Canada will be celebrating Family Day! That means, many families will get the entire day off work and school to hang out and celebrate the importance of spending time together. Sounds pretty great right?! However, Family Day doesn't have to be just one day, it can be any day you want! That's why we've put together a list of…

Mod Meetup - Feb 16, 2015

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hi Penguins!   Here are the details for today's Mod Meetup on Club Penguin:     Remember! You can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts for the correct time.   Waddle on,    -Club Penguin Team

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Penguin of the Week: Sunnydaze901

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hiya! In all this cloudy winter weather, one penguin who's guaranteed to brighten your day is Sunnydaze901 ! She's a cheerful, charity-loving penguin who's very loyal to her friends. And her outfit is brill too - she's clearly on top of the latest trends! If you know someone who should be POTW, nominate them in the comments and tell us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives…

Daffodaily5 Meet-up Today!

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hiya! I’ve had a brill start to the year, and I think it’s time for a meet-up! Since we’re celebrating Safer Internet Day today (10th February), grab your Online Safety Sweater and let’s all meet at the Forest: Don’t have the Online Safety Sweater? Take the Quiz ! Byeee! -Club Penguin Team

UPDATED: Coming Soon -- Make & Share…

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

***UPDATE*** Here's a full length preview of the DJ Cadence track available to remix in the upcoming SoundStudio app!  It will be available for download from our homepage February 12 :D <span…

Puffle Wild App on iOS: Updates Available…

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hi Penguins, Remember when we announced the  exciting updates coming to the Puffle Wild app on iOS?  If so, I have great news! The updates are now available to download on your iOS device here This includes the ability for players with an iOS device to release any of their puffles back to the wild, to hang out with their other puffle friends – currently a feature only…

Reviewed by You: Star Wars Rebels Takeover

By Club Penguin, 2 weeks ago

Hi penguins,   As you know, we love hearing what you think -- that's why we have Reviewed by You posts!   Having wrapped up our Star Wars Rebels ™ Takeover, we'd love to hear what you thought about the experience. Leave a comment below telling us what you liked best about the Star Wars Rebels Takeover and why. We'll be sharing some of our favorite comments with the team,…

Pingüino de la semana: Canacho

By Club Penguin, 3 weeks ago

¡¡ALETAS pingüis!! ¡Feliz jueves para tod@s! Llegó el momento que estábamos esperando, ¡el nuevo PDLS! Hoy estoy encantada de presentar a Canacho , ¡un pingüino genial! Se divierte a lo grande pingüineando por la isla, ¡las fiestas y las estampillas son su especialidad! Además tiene una gran lista de amigos y siempre hay espacio para ellos en su súper iglú,…